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Speech Contest Form

The Mike and Rhonda Tommer
Impromptu Speech Competition: TBA
Application deadline: TBA
Scholarship Awards: TBA

“Impromptu speaking is a characteristically short preparation time where the speaker is provided a topic in the form of a quotation, proverb, one-word abstract, or one of many alternative possibilities. The speeches tend to follow the basic concept of 2 minutes prep time and 3 minutes in delivery and cover topics that are both humorous and profound.”

You will be expected to give your speech in 2 or 3 preliminary rounds and possibly a 4th time in the final round. No media devices or notes allowed.

You will be contacted regarding the schedule and locations of speeches.

Please read the following contest rules. Your application submission indicates your commitment to abide by all of these rules. Winners may not be given their awards if these rules aren’t followed.

  1. Contestants must be full or part-time students attending Utah Tech University in order to participate in the competition. (Concurrent enrollment or Success Academy students do not qualify to participate).
  2. Participants must have a cumulative GPA of not less than a 2.5 and be in good standing at UT.
  3. Winners of the contest receive a scholarship to UT in the amounts as indicated above. Please note that scholarships awarded from this competition can only be used at UT.

Speech Contest

For more information, contact Terryl Smuin at tsmuin@utahtech.edu