Utah Tech University

Internship Opportunities

All Communication majors are required to complete a 3 credit internship. The purpose is to integrate you into professional communication environments, to increase your competency and initiate networking. Potential internship environments include broadcast and feature motion picture production, corporate and business communications, public relations, journalism, etc. This course is repeatable for up to 6 credits, subject to graduation restrictions.

To complete this requirement, follow these steps:

  1. Counsel with your academic advisor in choosing the best semester to complete the internship (fall, spring or summer term).
  2. Check the class schedule or ask the department secretaries to determine which of the Communication professors are available to advise you in your chosen semester.
  3. Obtain their permission and have them sign an add card to register for their particular section.
  4. Once registered for the class, you and your faculty advisor will choose where you will complete the internship. Some businesses pay their interns, some do not, but remember that the experience and networking gained by some internships are worth much more than money. Although your faculty advisor can help, it is your responsibility to find a place to do your internship. (See the link below.)
  5. In coordination with your faculty advisor and work supervisor, identify a number of learning objectives.
  6. Pick up an Internship Agreement and Evaluation Form (available either in the main Communication office or on the wall near your academic advisor). List your objectives, sign it and have your faculty advisor and work supervisor sign it.
  7. You are required to spend at least 90 hours working on the objectives. You’ll be expected to keep a careful log of how these hours are spent.
  8. Your faculty advisor will tell you what she/he expects in terms of reporting on your work.
  9. Upon completion of the 90 hours and meeting the objectives, you, your work supervisor and faculty advisor each evaluate your performance. You then are given a grade for the course.

You may already have an idea of where you can do your internship. It may even be where you already work. However, the best source on campus to find such opportunities is through the UT Career Center. It is located on the 5th floor of the Holland building. They also keep an updated list on their website.