Communication Studies

Organization and Leadership Emphasis
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One Night a week to complete Your Bachelor’s Degree

The Communication degree completion program (comm-dcp) is designed to help full-time employees and stay-at-home parents finish their bachelor’s degree after completing their general education requirements or an associate’s degree. Through this program, students can earn a Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with an Emphasis in Organization & Leadership. Students meet in person one night per week, and complete one course per month, with a focus on skills that apply to workplace leadership and creativity. This schedule allows students who have finished their general education to complete a bachelor’s degree in a series of five semesters. Cohort size is limited. This is not an ONLINE program

Program Requirements

Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies
with an Emphasis in Organization & Leadership

CORE Requirements: 36 Credits

  • COMM 1010 Elements of Effective Communication
  • COMM 1270 Argumentation and Critical Thinking
  • COMM 2110 Interpersonal Communication
  • COMM 2700 Voice & Civility in Public Discourse
  • COMM 2060 Intro to Communication Theory
  • COMM 3190 Intercultural Communication
  • COMM 3510 Ethics in Communication
  • COMM 3850 Org Communication & System Dynamics
  • COMM 4500 Human Communication & Conflict
  • COMM 4900R Internship
  • COMM 4450 Communication Research
  • COMM 4980 Senior Seminar (Capstone)

EMPHASIS Requirements: 24 Credits

  • ENGL 3010 Professional Writing and Business Ethics
  • MDIA 3480 Social Media Production
  • COMM 3330 Negotiations and Bargaining
  • COMM 3460 Content & Rhetorical Analysis
  • MDIA 3580 Case Studies in Public Relations
  • COMM 4010 Persuasion
  • COMM 4050 Leadership & High Performance Teams
  • COMM 4490 Communication & Contemporary Public Issues


Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with an Organization and Leadership Emphasis (Comm Degree Completion Program or comm-dcp)

Program costs are charged at the following rates, which covers tuition, fees, and required textbooks for the courses. Students pay on a semester basis, and are billed for all classes taken within that semester, which is subject to UT academic calendar and financial aid deadlines.

  • Fall 2022-Summer 2023 *$770 per 3 credit class ($256.67 per credit).
  • Fall 2023-Summer 2024 *$816 per 3 credit class ($272.00 per credit).

*Tuition subject to institutionally approved changes.

Students must meet all prerequisites and/or be approved by the Communication Studies Department (Chair or designee) to matriculate into this major or to register for any classes. It is a “reserved seats” cohort.

Requirements previously fulfilled are recognized as completed for cohort members, and do not need to be repeated.

NOTE: These classes do not count toward typical daytime UT billing totals, but are listed separately on student accounts. It is strongly advised that all interested students check with the Financial Aid and Scholarship Offices for eligibility of any funding source for this major. Federal financial aid is applicable. Not all UT funding sources are available for this program.

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